Sewing Tools

Eggshell Robison Anton Thread

EGGSHELL Robison Anton Thread

Cone of 3000 yards of... Read More

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Ivory Thread Robison Anton

IVORY  Thread

Robison Anton 100% Cotton thread, cone of... Read More

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Snow White Robinson Anton...

Snow White Thread

Robison Anton Large Cone of 3000... Read More

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Turbo 4 Patch Ruler

Turbo 4 Patch Ruler by Creative Grids

Create 4 patch blocks in 16... Read More

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Electric Seam Ripper

Electric Seam Ripper

by Galaxy

Requires one AA battery & will take out all your wrongly sewn seams effortlessly.


Retail price... Read More

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Fons & Porter Binding Tool

* Never have another problem with having your binding just the right length while attaching to quilt! Also no more twisting into a knot.

*... Read More

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SEAM RIPPER ~ Clover Brand

*THE best seam ripper ever.

*Perfect for ripping out seams, cutting threads & buttonholes.

* 5" in length with a protective cover... Read More

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60 degree Triangle Acrylic...

* Perfect for 60 degree & 30 degree shapes.

* One tool, many sizes.

* Cut triangles, diamonds and... Read More

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Spare Change Ruler by Kansas...

Spare Change Ruler by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Play with precut 5" & 2... Read More

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Five & Dime Ruler by...

Five & Dime Ruler by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Play with precut 10" & 5" squares - dimes &  nickels - to create a... Read More

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